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May 19

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May 19, 1939 – The Donald Duck Short Film Donald’s Cousin Gus Premieres in Theaters


“P.S. He don’t eat much.”

On May 19, 1939, the Donald Duck short film Donald’s Cousin Gus premiered in theaters. It was directed by Jack King.

Gus Goose is walking down the sidewalk, when he stops at Donald’s house, realizing that this is indeed his cousin. Meanwhile, Donald is sitting down to a nice lunch when the doorbell rings. Donald rudely greets his guest, when Gus presents a letter from their Aunt Fanny. Gus has a special pocket watch that marks his meals, and when he smells Donald’s lunch, he rushes inside and devours everything on the table, much to Donald’s initial amusement. Donald is angry that he can’t even have a cup of coffee without Gus eating it all. After Gus eats every last pea Donald has, Donald tries to throw his cousin out, but Gus manages to throw Donald out instead. Donald vows to get rid of Gus, and uses a trick hot-dog to get rid of him. Gus eats the barking hot-dog, which starts barking inside of Gus, and follows Donald’s commands. Donald manages to get rid of Gus – so he thinks, when Gus is found inside Donald’s fridge, eating absolutely everything. Poor Donald passes out from exasperation.

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