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April 4

April 4, 1951 – The Goofy Short Film Man’s Best Friend is Released to Theaters


“Soon, the puppy becomes accustomed to his new surroundings, and makes himself at home in his master’s house.”

On April 4, 1952, the Goofy short film Man’s Best Friend was released to theaters. Another one of the Goofy “everyman” shorts, Goofy plays the part of George Geef, as seen on his mailbox. It was directed by Jack Kinney, with story by Milt Banta and Al Bertino.

A puppy is sitting in a pet shop window, hoping to attract the attention of just one passerby that would be willing to adopt him. He finds this in everyman George Geef, who is also holding a package of sausages. Geef tries to name the puppy, but the puppy refuses to move until Goofy picks a name that isn’t embarrassing or downright horrible. Settling on Bowser, the pair head home, with Geef’s nose stuck in a book about training. After settling in at Geef’s house, Bowser tears the once respectable home to shreds. Geef then attempts to train Bowser, but Goofy seems to be better at the tricks than Geef. Bowser then bites Geef’s hand after Geef gives him a treat. After a few months, Bowser has grown significantly, and is still causing mischief, which includes digging under fences, destroying his neighbors’ yards, and leaving destruction all around. When Geef gets home and settles with his evening paper, his solitude is disturbed by irate neighbors complaining about Bowser’s antics and demanding that Geef pay for the damage. When Geef heads out for the night, Bowser sleeps on the front stoop, unaware of a burglar and the ensuing shoot-out and arrest, and only wakes when Geef comes home, unfortunately chasing his master up a tree.


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