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November 2

November 2, 1951 – The Donald Duck Short Film Out of Scale is Released to Theaters


“This tree is out of scale!”

On November 2, 1951, the Donald Duck short film Out of Scale was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Bill Berg and Nick George.

A train is speeding around the tracks, rattling the road, when Donald pulls on the breaks as it arrives to Canyonville…and reveals to the audience that it is just a backyard model train. Donald cools down the engine before setting off again, creating a little farm in one corner of his yard. He comes across a tree in his yard, and decides that, as it does not fit the scale of his backyard railroad, he will need to get rid of it. He is unaware, however, that it is the home of Chip and Dale. Donald notices the pair in his yard and chases them away, but they spot Donald driving away with their tree, and force his train to stop. They try to take their tree back, but Donald attacks them with oil, chasing then through his model town. They end up in a model house, which they take to quickly. Donald decides that, since they are the perfect scale, they can stay in the house.

Chip and Dale settle into their new home in Donald's model town

Chip and Dale settle into their new home in Donald’s model town

Chip and Dale enjoy their new home, and Donald seems content to let them stay, but his devilish nature take hold, and he decides to have fun with them, pretending it’s hazardous weather outside. Chip sends Dale out to close the gate, making him bundle up for the snow, but when he gets outside, Donald is shining a heat lamp over the house, and Dale angrily takes off the extra layers to head back inside. He sees the snow outside and heads out again in layers, although he roasts again when Donald pulls out the heat lamp. Chip follows Dale out and sees Donald’s prank, and pulls out the plug from the lamp. They decide to take off with Donald’s train while he’s distracted, sending their tree flying off the track. The tree lands on the track, and the chipmunks punch a hole straight through the base of the trunk. Donald finally catches up with them, but the chipmunks have a plan to keep Donald from getting angry and keeping their tree: placing a sign on the tree, calling it a Giant Redwood, and keeping the tunnel at the base. Peace is restored in Donald’s yard.


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