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November 1

November 1, 1940 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip is Released to Theaters


“All alone, without your dog.”

On November 1, 1940, the Mickey Mouse short film Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip was released to theaters. It was directed by Clyde Geronimi.

It’s vacation time for Mickey, and he stands at the Burbank train station with Pluto, and both are nearly swept away as the train arrives. However, the moment they board, they are kicked off by Conductor Pete, who informs them that no dogs are allowed. A few minutes later, Mickey gets ready to board again, hiding Pluto in his suitcase. However, Pluto is much too heavy for Mickey to carry, and he runs off with just the handle. Mickey runs back to grab the suitcase and barely manages to make the train. As Mickey sits in his seat, he carefully unfolds Pluto from the suitcase, but has to quickly place him back in as Pete comes around to check tickets. Mickey hands Pete his tickets, shaking from nervousness. Pete takes Mickey’s suitcase and throws it in the top compartment, causing Pluto to bark angrily. Mickey tries to cover it up, but Pete is suspicious. Pete makes the sound of a cat, and the ruse is revealed.

As Pete discovers Pluto hidden in the suitcase, Mickey takes Pluto and runs as fast as he can away from the situation

As Pete discovers Pluto hidden in the suitcase, Mickey takes Pluto and runs as fast as he can away from the situation

Mickey flees the scene with Pluto, and Pete follows in hot pursuit. Thinking he’s found them, he grabs someone in a compartment, and ends up with the frightened woman beating him with her corset. He falls into another compartment – where Mickey and Pluto are actually hiding – and apologizes for his behavior before he realizes that he’s been tricked again. He tries to tear them apart as the train goes through a tunnel, but is unaware that he’s fighting only a mattress in the dark. He spots someone (Mickey and Pluto again) in a conductor’s coat and asks if they’ve seen Mickey and Pluto, and Mickey points him in the other direction. Realizing he’s the conductor, Pete chases after the pair once more. Pete accidentally attacks the woman from before, giving Mickey and Pluto enough time to don another disguise. However, he is able to see through their disguise again, and Pluto gets caught in a mail stand outside. As Mickey runs after him, the two end up off the train, with Pete throwing their luggage out after them. Mickey looks around and is amazed to find that the pair landed in Pomona – just where they wanted to go.


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