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February 27

February 27, 2012 – The Disney XD Sitcom Lab Rats Premieres


“Whoa! My new dad is Batman!”

On February 27, 2012, the Disney XD comedy series Lab Rats premiered with part one of its first episode, “Crush, Chop and Burn.” Originally titled Billion Dollar Freshman, the series is about three teenage superhumans that live in the basement of inventor Donald Davenport, and are discovered by Donald’s new stepson, Leo. The series was created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore, and stars Billy Unger as Chase, Spencer Boldman as Adam, Kelli Berglund as Bree, Tyrel Jackson Williams as Leo, and Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport.

The episode begins with Leo and Tasha moving into Donald Davenport’s house after Tasha and Donald have married. Leo is frustrated with their constant displays of affection, but is impressed that Donald is able to make so much money through inventing things. As Leo gets lost trying to find his room, he accidentally accesses Donald’s secret lab in the basement. The door opens, and he runs to hide as he spies two boys fighting over an mp3 player. A girl then steps out, and fights with the two boys, displaying signs of superpowers. They discover Leo hiding, and all four kids are spooked at seeing each other. Leo is cornered by the three kids, and Tasha and Donald walk in to discover the scene. Donald tries to cover up the identity of the three kids, but finally reveals that they’re part of a secret project he’s been working on: genetically engineered superhuman siblings. The three kids, named Adam, Bree, and Chase, are human, but have been fused with technology through a microchip implanted in their necks. Tasha, however, is less than thrilled about three kids living in the basement.

After Leo invites the three to school, they are stopped by Donald's super computer program, Eddy

After Leo invites the three to school, they are stopped by Donald’s super computer program, Eddy

The next day, Leo is in the lab with Donald, watching the kids train, but soon needs to leave for school. The three lament about never being able to leave the basement, expressing their desire to go to school. Leo invites the kids to go to school with them, but they’re stopped by the house’s computer system, Eddy. Adam is able to shut down Eddy, and the three get ready for school. When they arrive, the three stand out, embarrassing Leo as he tries to show them around. In gym class, Leo shows that he has no skills in basketball, and Bree accidentally hits a guy in the face with a basketball. Leo get help from Adam in making a slam dunk, NBA style, finally getting the admiration from his classmates. At home, Donald realizes that the kids are gone, and Eddy, finally operational again, reveals that the kids went to school. Donald reveals that the kids have glitches, including one that could potentially destroy everything.

Back at the school’s pep rally, Bree meets the guy that she hit in the face, and he invites her to a party. Adam is attacked by the school mascot, and his eyes start glowing red. When Leo asks Chase what’s going on, Chase reveals that Adam’s heat vision is about to go off, which is a glitch that happens when Adam gets angry. Adam sets the mascot’s head on fire, which sets off the fire alarm. Donald and Tasha arrive at the school just as the fire alarms start, and quickly take the kids home. At home, Donald begins lecturing the kids, but Bree explains that they just wanted to be normal for a day. Tasha tries to stand up for the kids, as does Leo. Donald is not swayed, and bans Leo from the lab. He then forbids the kids from going outside ever again. The three kids mope in the basement, until Leo shows up and breaks them out, as he had decided to host a party as his place while Donald and Tasha are away. Donald and Tasha arrive home early, however, and Leo is in even more trouble than before. Donald then decides that the kids will be relocated permanently to one of Donald’s remote labs. Leo is upset, as he feels he is losing his best friends forever.


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