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February 24

February 24, 1956 – The Donald Duck Short Film Chips Ahoy is Released to Theaters


“Hey! Wait a minute, stupid! That’s water. Don’t you know you can’t walk on water?”

On February 24, 1956, the Donald Duck short film Chips Ahoy was released to theaters. It was the last short that featured Donald fighting with his nemesis, and the last classic short to feature Chip and Dale. The short was filmed in CinemaScope. It was directed by Jack Kinney, with story by Dick Kinney and Milt Schaffer.

Chip and Dale are sitting on a tree branch, lamenting how hungry they are, when they spy one last acorn on the tree. As they fight over the acorn, it tumbles from their grasp and falls to the water below. Chip then spots a tree in the middle of the river with hundreds of acorns, and the two race down the tree. As the two think of a way to get across the water, Chip spies a ship in a bottle in a nearby shack. Donald then takes a stroll across the dock to get to his boating shack, when he spots Chip and Dale carrying a boat on their backs. When he finds out that the two stole his ship, he fixes to get it back. He uses a fishing pole to reel his ship back in, and starts playing pranks on the two. Dale finally spots that Donald is holding their ship, and Donald catches him. Chip drops the anchor on Donald’s foot, and Donald drops the ship back into the water, and Dale onto the deck. Dale then takes some nearby rope and ties Donald up before jumping onto the ship.


Donald attempts to go after the chipmunks in a variety of boats, all having been tampered with by Dale

Donald then gets into his own boat to go after them, unaware that Dale has already cut Donald’s sail to ribbons. When Donald gets into a canoe, Dale reveals he took care of that too – he burrowed holes into the bottom of the canoe. Donald gets into a rowboat, which Dale already took the screws from. Finally, Donald gets into a speedboat, and when Chip starts to panic, Dale calmly reveals that he tied a rope to the end of the speedboat. When the rope is taut, Donald is sent flying into the acorn tree, sending acorns flying everywhere, including onto the ship. When Donald tries to grab the ship, he slips on the acorns and sends the boys back to shore on a wave. That night, the boys are eating their acorns when Chip looks to see that Donald, still trapped on that little island, has cut down the acorn tree and started building a boat, a sight at which the chipmunks can’t help but laugh.


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