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September 21

September 21, 1951 – The Pluto Short Film Cold Turkey is Released to Theaters


“Lurkey’s Turkeys hot, Lurkey’s Turkeys cold, Lurkey’s Turkeys taste good nine days old!”

On September 21, 1951, the Pluto short film Cold Turkey was released to theaters. This is one of three shorts that also stars Milton, the cat nemesis of Pluto, with the others being Puss Cafe and Plutopia. this short also features the famous “Goofy Yell,” performed at a higher pitch by Milton. The short was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Leo Salkin and Al Bertino.

Pluto and Milton are sleeping as a boxing match is being played on the television, when they are woken up by a Lurkey’s Turkeys ad. Craving turkey, the two start searching for turkey, unaware that they will not find it in the television. After receiving a good shock, they realize that they should check the kitchen, as the ad suggests, and start searching every crevice. The two work together to launch Milton up to the cabinet, but the plan goes awry, with Milton being launched into the fridge instead. After he opens up the fridge door, the two find the turkey, but stop working together and end up frighting over it. Pluto ends up closing Milton in the fridge, but the cat escapes with the turkey, closing Pluto in the fridge in retaliation.

Pluto finds himself frozen in the fridge after Milton traps him

Pluto finds himself frozen in the fridge after Milton traps him

Pluto manages to escape the fridge and defrost, and finds Milton trying to cook the turkey over the heating vent. Pluto chases Milton into the television set, where he tries to fry the poor cat, and also starts cooking the turkey. As Milton flees to cool off, Pluto smells something burning, and the two quickly pull the turkey out, although neither can hold onto it for very long, as it has turned red from the heat. The turkey cools and immediately turns black before disintegrating, bones and all. The two stare at the turkey, and start accusing each other of destroying their food. They then mirror the boxing match announcements on television as they start to fight.


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