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September 22

September 22, 1944 – The Pluto Short Film First Aiders is Released to Theaters


“Now, don’t you two get into any trouble while I’m gone.”

On September 22, 1944, the Pluto short film First Aiders was released to theaters. This short features an appearance of Figaro the cat from Pinocchio; thanks to his popularity, he would also have three shorts in a series of his own. The short was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Harry Reeves and Rex Cox.

Minnie is reading a first aid manual, trying to create a cravat bandage on her own eye. Pluto uses his own ears to bandage himself as he hears Minnie read out the directions. Minnie’s efforts on herself fail, however, and she asks Figaro and Pluto if one of them would like to help her. Pluto volunteers, as does Figaro, although Pluto is able to push the kitten away into a wash bucket. Minnie then blames Figaro for the mess, and starts to work with Pluto, asking him to hold a bandage. The bandage rolls from Pluto’s mouth, and Figaro chases after the strip, attempting to bring it back to Minnie. As Pluto and Figaro play tug-of-war, Figaro is sent flying across the room into the first aid kit. Minnie once again blames Figaro for the mess.

Figaro gets thrown into the first aid kit, and is blamed for making a mess

Figaro gets thrown into the first aid kit, and is blamed for making a mess

Minnie then attempts to learn about artificial respiration with Pluto as her partner. Pluto lets out large amounts of air as she does so, and accidentally ends up with a cork from a nearby bottle of smelling salts in his mouth. He breathes in the smelling salts uncomfortably, but is unable to breathe out due to the cork. As Figaro laughs at Pluto’s predicament, the cork finally bursts out from Pluto’s mouth, hitting the kitten in the backside. As Minnie’s practice continues, she starts using splints and bandages. As she has him completely splinted, she has to go out and get more bandages. She asks the two to stay out of trouble, and Figaro angelically agrees until Minnie close the door. The kitten then begins to taunt Pluto, who is barely able to stand as he is in the splints. Figaro continues his torture, although he ends up getting beaten up slightly. As they escape outside, Pluto is able to break free of the splints, and the two chase each other around the house. Minnie returns from the store and, seeing Pluto is hurt, begins to use her first aid skills to tend to the dog. Figaro laughs from the stairs, but ends up falling into the splint, bandaged tight. The two end the short making nice, only because Minnie asked them.


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