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May 30, 1941 – The Pluto Short Film Canine Caddy is Released to Theaters vlcsnap-2013-05-30-02h44m05s90

“Ah, what a swell day for a game of golf! Caddy? Tee up the ball!”

On May 30, 1941, the Pluto short film Canine Caddy was released to theaters. Although now considered a Pluto short, it was originally billed as a Mickey Mouse short film. It was directed by Clyde Geronimi.

Mickey and Pluto are enjoying a nice day on the golf course, and Pluto plays as Mickey’s caddy, teeing up Mickey’s ball. As Mickey prepares to hit the ball, Pluto unintentionally makes a lot of noise, causing Mickey to lose focus. He finally hits the ball, sending it flying across the course, with Pluto in close pursuit. As he waits by the hole, Pluto helps Mickey’s ball land in the hole after it bounces out. On the next hole, Pluto continues his caddying, although Mickey gets his ball stuck in a sand trap. When Mickey hits the ball again, it lands on Pluto, and Mickey warns him not to move, as he needs to play it where it lies. Unfortunately, Mickey is unable to hit the ball from Pluto’s backside, as Pluto shakes from nervousness. Finally, Mickey hits it, but it lands in a gopher hole.

Pluto and the gopher begin their chase all over the course

Pluto and the gopher begin their chase all over the course

When Pluto points out the ball, it comes back up from the ground, eaten like an apple by the gopher. The gopher and Pluto have a confrontation, with the gopher biting Pluto’s tail. Pluto chases the gopher all over the course, trapping it in a tin can, but finding that it has dug a hole and stays hidden underground. The two continue their chase, with the two tearing up the course and angering Mickey as the course is destroyed, but Mickey smiles, saying that Pluto’s just a mutt and leaving it at that.


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