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May 29, 1937 – The Donald Duck Short Film Modern Inventions is Released to Theaters


“A fine way to act. Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size? You big goon!”

On May 29, 1937, the Donald Duck short film Modern Inventions was released to theaters. This was the first short directed by Jack King, who would go on to direct many of the early Donald shorts. This short was also originally released as a Mickey Mouse cartoon, although Mickey does not make an appearance.

Donald visits the Museum of Modern Marvels, where he is soon face to face with a robot butler, who takes his hat. However, Donald pulls a top hat out of thin air and continues to explore the museum. However, the butler appears again, taking his hat, but Donald pulls another hat from his sleeve. He comes across an automatic bundle wrapper with a sign that says “do not touch,” but Donald responds to this with his trademark “Aw, phooey!” and starts up the machine. The machine then grabs Donald and wraps him up, complete with a bow. When Donald breaks out of the packaging with his trademark anger, the butler appears, grabbing his hat. Donald pulls out yet another hat, and yells at the butler, who turns to retrieve the hat.

Donald enjoys the attention from the robotic nursemaid

Donald enjoys the attention from the robotic nursemaid

Donald flees, hiding in the robotic nursemaid invention. He at first has a good time while the invention rocks him to sleep and tickles him, but is soon irritated by the invention, and, after the overuse of talcum powder, Donald sneezes himself away from the invention, only to be met by the robot butler to take away yet another hat. Donald pulls out a bowler and continues exploring, ending up at a robotic barber chair. He asks the chair for the works, and it throws him in the air, where he lands with his tail upwards. Unfortunately, this is where the chair harnesses him, and his tail is the side that gets the haircut, rather than his head. Meanwhile, his head is polished as if it were a shoe. As he is finally able to leave, he is greeted by the robot butler, and finally loses his temper as the screen fades out.

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