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November 21

November 21, 1952 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Pluto’s Christmas Tree is Released to Theaters

“Okay Pluto, let’s get our tree!”

On November 21, 1952, the Mickey Mouse short film Pluto’s Christmas Tree was released to theaters. Although labeled a Mickey Mouse short, Pluto is the main character, with Chip and Dale as his antagonists. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Bill Berg and Milt Schaffer.

It’s a snowy day in suburbia, when Mickey and Pluto leave their house to go find the perfect Christmas tree. As Pluto sniffs around, Chip and Dale are nearby, gathering nuts. Chip throws one at Pluto, startling the dog. Pluto playfully chases after them, until they hide in a pine tree – the same one Mickey decides to chop down. Mickey and Pluto drag the tree home, and Mickey begins to decorate it. Chip and Dale, having fallen asleep on the journey home, wake up and marvel at the decorations now adorning the tree. Dale spies a candy cane and tries to grab one, but becomes more amused at his reflection in an ornament.

Pluto tries to alert Mickey to the appearance of the chipmunks, but they disappear just as Mickey turns around

After Mickey finishes decorating, Pluto notices a strange light flickering from the side of the tree. He investigates and finds Chip and Dale hiding inside, with Dale throwing ornaments to distract the dog. Pluto tries to alert Mickey to the appearance of the chipmunks, but Mickey just dismisses the dog, leaving Pluto alone again to track down the pair. When he chases Dale, Dale takes the hat and beard off of one of Mickey’s Santa candles and puts them on, trying to fool the dog. When Pluto barks, Mickey goes to light the candles; so as not to catch on fire, Dale blows the match out once it comes close. Pluto once again resumes his chase of the chipmunks, and dives into the tree. A fight that includes Mickey ensues, ending with the tree’s destruction. While initially mad at Pluto, Mickey is surprised to see the chipmunks in the tree. Mickey invites them to stay, as it is Christmas. They hear Goofy, Donald, and Minnie caroling outside, and all watch from the window.

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