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March 30

March 30, 1996 – The Mike Fink Keel Boats Attraction Reopens in Disneyland

On March 30, 1996, the Mike Fink Keel Boats attraction reopened in Disneyland after being closed for two years. The attraction, named after the boats from the Davy Crockett television serial (specifically the episode “Davy Crockett’s Keel Boat Race”), had originally been open since December 25, 1955, before it closed in 1994. This reopening was short-lived, however, as the attraction was closed permanently on May 17, 1997. Versions of the attraction were available in Walt Disney World (opening on October 1, 1971), and Disneyland Paris (also known as River Rogue Keelboats, and opening April 12, 1992).


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