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March 8

March 8, 1999 – The Swiss Family Treehouse Closes in Disneyland

“Explore the ultimate treehouse – and behold breathtaking views – inspired by the classic Disney film, Swiss Family Robinson.”

On March 8, 1999, the long-standing Adventureland attraction Swiss Family Treehouse closed in Disneyland. Based on the treehouse from the 1960 live action feature film Swiss Family Robinson, the man-made tree structure had been open since 1962; it was repurposed to advertise the latest animated feature film Tarzan by becoming Tarzan’s Treehouse. The treehouse was redesigned to fit the treehouse seen in the animated feature, added vignettes and mementos to explain Tarzan’s life story, and included a base camp area set up by Jane and Tarzan. Versions of the Swiss Family Treehouse still exist in other Disney Parks, such as Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disneyland.


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