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January 5

January 5, 1951 – The Goofy Short Film Lion Down is Released to Theaters


“Oh, the world owes me a living.”

On January 5, 1951, the Goofy short film Lion Down premiered in theaters. It was directed by Jack Kinney, with story by Milt Schaffer and Dick Kinney.

It’s a beautiful day, and Goofy is attempting to put his hammock, when he realizes he doesn’t have another tree with which to hook it up. As he lives on the roof of a tall apartment building, he sets out in his car to the nearby woods, where he decides to uproot a tree and take it home. He is unaware that there was a mountain lion asleep in that tree, and the mountain lion is given a rude awakening before he decides to follow Goofy home. Goofy quickly plants the tree and sets up his hammock, eager to take a nap. The doorbell rings, and as Goofy goes to answer the door, the mountain lion sneaks in and settles back into his tree. When the mountain lion spies the hammock, however, he decides he would rather sleep there, and decides to throw Goofy off the roof to claim the hammock. Goofy, however, quickly returns, pulling the same trick with the doorbell that the mountain lion played on him. The war between the two of them for the hammock quickly escalates, though at one point the mountain lion almost sabotages himself as the pair hang from one of the hammock ropes. The rope lets loose and the pair plummet to the ground, with the hammock acting as a parachute. The pair continue to fight in midair, until the doorbell rings, and Goofy heads up the fire escape to answer. The mountain lion hands Goofy back the hammock, but takes back his tree, leaving behind an acorn, which Goofy plants in anticipation of another tree with which to finally hang his hammock.


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