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October 31

October 31, 1952 – The Goofy Short Film Two Weeks Vacation is Released to Theaters


“So long, slaves!”

On October 31, 1952, the Goofy short film Two Weeks Vacation premiered in theaters. It was directed by Jack Kinney, with story by Al Bertino.

The short begins with Goofy at work, looking at a map in preparation for his two weeks paid vacation. The moment he can get out of the office, he rushes at top speed, bidding farewell to his chained-to-the-desk coworkers. As he drives, he nearly crashes into a trailer, but manages to brake in time – only to have his tire burst. Goofy pulls into a nearby garage, though the mechanic “fixes” everything but the tire; when Goofy tries to get the tire fixed, the mechanic goes on vacation for two weeks. Goofy manages to fix the tire himself, and stops to pick up a local hitchhiker, who skips Goofy’s offer when he sees the state of the car. Goofy runs into more problems, as he is continually passed by the trailer he nearly crashed into earlier. Later that evening, as he searches for a motel, he finds himself out of gas and ends up chasing his car down a hill, but manages to find a place to stay for the night. However, his place is right next to a railroad track, and he decides to leave, driving late at night and nearly falling asleep at the wheel – and running into the trailer again. When he finds no one is actually driving the car pulling the trailer, he is shocked and is sent flying into the car when he tries to avoid it. He is then pulled over by a police officer, but finds relief for the night when he ends up sleeping in a jail cell.


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