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September 2

September 2, 1955 – The Donald Duck Short Film Beezy Bear is Released to Theaters


“You think it was a bear. Oh no, it couldn’t have been one of my boys.”

On September 2, 1955, the Donald Duck short film Beezy Bear premiered in theaters. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Dave Detiege and Al Bertino. It is one of the few Donald Duck short films filmed in Cinemascope.

It’s another day at Donald’s honey farm, and Humphrey the Bear is once again tring to steal Donald’s honey. Donald storms over to Ranger Audubon’s station to complain. Audubon doesn’t believe that it could be one of his bears, but Donald is adamant. Audubon and Donald reach an impasse where they agree not to cross into each other’s properties, with Humphrey going crazy over the honey he can’t eat. He manages to sneak into Donald’s farm again and traps the bees before making off with one of the cartons of honey, but the bees manage to chase him back into the national park. He continues to make his way back, trapping the bees in various (but inevitably failing) ways. Audubon still doesn’t suspect Humphrey, though he comes close to finding the truth several times. Donald manages to come across the bear at one point, taking his honey back. When he attempts to trick Humphrey, the trick backfires, and he, Humphrey, and Audubon end up in the lake.

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