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August 13

August 13, 1954 – The Donald Duck Short Film Grin and Bear It Premieres in Theaters


“Oh my goodness, what did I do? Uh oh, I gotta get out of here!”

On August 13, 1954, the Donald Duck short film Grin and Bear It was released to theaters. It features the first appearance of Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore and the second appearance of Humphrey the Bear (who premiered in the Goofy short film Hold That Pose). The short was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Dave Detiege and Al Bertino.

It’s the beginning of the season at Brownstone National Park, and Donald is holding up traffic while looking at a sign. Ranger Audubon is excited at the visitors’ arrival, and shares a long list of rules before wishing them off to have fun. Audubon then calls the bears over for a few reminders of the season, warning them (mostly Humphrey) not to steal from the tourists, otherwise they face the ultimate punishment: becoming a rug. As the bears disperse to meet their tourists, Humphrey tries to entertain Donald for food, but the duck isn’t interested. Donald then makes a massive sandwich that Humphrey hopes he’ll split, but is disappointed when Donald continues to keep his food to himself. He attempts to steal some food, but ends up taking a hot pepper without knowing. Donald then packs up to go home, leaving an angry, hungry Humphrey, who comes up with a plan to trick Donald into thinking he ran over him. Donald then gives Humphrey the food but, after realizing he’d been tricked, Donald calls him a thief. The two get in trouble with Ranger Audubon, but the tables turn when Audubon is seen stealing Donald’s ham.

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