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April 5

April 5, 1940 – The Donald Duck Short Film Donald’s Dog Laundry is Released to Theaters


“Oh boy, oh boy! It’s all finished!”

On April 5, 1940, the Donald Duck short film Donald’s Dog Laundry premiered in theaters. It was directed by Jack King.

Donald has instructions for a modern dog washer, and sets up to make it using a makeshift of spare parts. Poor unaware Pluto is snoozing away nearby, but wakes up when he accidentally breathes in a leaf while snoring. Donald calls Pluto over for a bath, but Pluto has other ideas and tries to sneak away. Donald chases after him, and after a humorous back-and-forth, Pluto is able to hide in his doghouse. Donald, ever determined, grabs a toy bone marked as bait (complete with string attached), and sets a trap for Pluto to follow the bone. Pluto takes the bait, but Donald pulls the bone a bit too hard, getting it lodged in a rock. Pluto manages to get the bone out, but has a hard time chewing it, as the rubber keeps hitting him in the face. The trick turns into a game of tug of war, with Pluto finally getting the bone, and Donald having to resort to another baiting trick: a cat puppet. Pluto hears Donald make cat noises and, thinking the puppet to be a real cat, stalks his prey. Donald puts the puppet in the tub and continues to harass Pluto, covering him in suds. Unfortunately, the suds make Pluto sneeze, and when Donald goes to put Pluto in the tub, Pluto lets out a sneeze so vehemently that it sends Donald flying into the dog washing contraption. Donald ends up cleaner than ever, and surprisingly pleased that the machine works.


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