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March 28

March 28, 1941 – The Pluto Short Film A Gentleman’s Gentleman is Released to Theaters


“Now, my good man, run to the corner and get me the Sunday paper. Here’s a dime; now, be careful and don’t lose it.”

On March 28, 1941, the Pluto short film A Gentleman’s Gentleman premiered in theaters. It was originally released under the Mickey Mouse short line, but has since been regarded as a Pluto short film. It was directed by Clyde Geronimi.

It’s an early Sunday morning, and Pluto brings in Mickey’s breakfast on a tray, as if he were Mickey’s butler. He pours him coffee, and Mickey gives him a dime to go get the Sunday paper, warning him not to lose it. Pluto gingerly takes the dime and rushes off, but starts flipping it with his tongue as soon as he gets outside. He loses the catch and watches as the dime rolls away before landing on its side. As he goes to pick it up with his teeth, he is unable to grab it, and it ends up eventually landing in a sewer grate. Pluto tries to grab it, but his leg is too short to reach it, as is his tail. He cries as he realizes how hopeless the situation is, but is soon relieved when he spies a gum machine. He manages to steal a gumball from the machine, and attaches the chewed gum to his tail to grab onto the dime. He retrieves the dime and grabs the paper. As he heads home, he hears the praise from nearby customers, but trips when trying to show off. As he collects the paper, he spies a comic, starring him, on the front page, and stops to read. Unfortunately, he doesn’t notice the wind that has swept his paper away, and starts chasing after the individual pages. He manages to find them all in a mud puddle, and comes home with a mud covered paper and a disappointed Mickey, who laughs at Pluto when he starts to cry again.

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