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December 25

December 25, 1953 – The Donald Duck Short Film Canvas Back Duck is Released to Theaters


“Okay, boys, break it up. What’s the beef?”

On December 25, 1953, the Donald Duck short film Canvas Back Duck was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Jack Kinney and Bill Berg.

Donald is attending a carnival with his nephews, and decides to try one of the “test your strength” machines. He hits the bell and, after his nephews cheer him on, he decides to try another one. After winning several with ease, Donald’s confidence is up, as is the nephews. What they don’t realize is that they’ve been hustled by a little boy, who tells the nephews that his uncle could beat up Donald. Donald laughs at the boy’s assertion, though he is intrigued when he sees the sign that promises $500 should he stay 3 rounds in the ring with Peewee Pete. The boys then spot the ruse – the “boy” is actually Pete’s manager, with Pete being a massive boxer. The boys try to warn Donald, but it’s no use, and all they can do is prepare for the worst. When the bell rings, Donald sets out, but once he spots Pete, he faints. Donald gets a grip and starts the fight, though his fighting consists of dodging and hiding. The boys manage to ring the bell early for the end of the first round, but when round two starts, it’s back to dodging and other trickery. The boys then give Donald a rigged boxing glove full of nails and horseshoes, but what knocks Pete out is a simple tap to his glass jaw. Donald wins the match, and leaves with nothing more than a black eye.


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