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October 27

October 27, 1982 – The Special Short Film Fun with Mr. Future is Released to Theaters


“I know you’re all extremely eager to see the energy-efficient trends in future living, but first, let’s take a look at the inefficient trends of the recent past.”

On October 27, 1982, the special short film Fun with Mr. Future was released to theaters for Academy Award consideration. The short was directed by Darrell Van Citters, with story by Citters, Michael Giamo, Ed Gombert, and Joe Ranft. Mr. Future was voiced by Philip Proctor.

The short begins with an audio-animatronic figure named Mr. Future, who announces his intention to show the future lifestyles after comparing them to the inefficient ways of the past. Looking back, we see a mad scientist plugging in a light, then overloading the socket with several electronics. The mad scientist goes overboard, sending the whole town into a blackout. Mr. Future then introduces the thoughts of the audience about the future, before treating the audience to a rare glimpse of the future: machines that make getting ready for work and school done in a snap, chores done by a small machine that accidentally “cleans” the dog, and teleworking. Mr. Future then explores personal computers and teleworking, as well as home entertainment systems by the use of a process called “holography.” The short ends with Mr. Future singing “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.”


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