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October 16

October 16, 1923 – The Walt Disney Company Officially Starts

Disney Start

“The first of this series, the title of which has been changed…is now in production and in all probability I will have this subject to you by December 15th.”

On October 16, 1923, the Walt Disney Company was officially started after Walt and Roy Disney signed a distribution contract with film distributor Margaret Winkler. The deal was for six Alice Comedies, priced at about $1,500 each (about $21,000 in 2015), plus six further comedies at $1,800 each (about $25,000 in 2015), as well as the option for two more series. Winkler, who had been interested in the Alice Comedies since seeing the then-unfinished short film Alice’s Wonderland, requested that the little girl in the short (Virginia Davis) be in the upcoming films; Walt was able to convince Davis’ parents to move the family to California from Kansas City. The signing of the contract has been named as the official start of the Disney we know and love today.

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