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October 15

October 15, 1932 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Touchdown Mickey is Released to Theaters


“Mickey made a touchdown! Oh, what a game, what a game!”

On October 15, 1932, the Mickey Mouse short film Touchdown Mickey was released to theaters. It was directed by Wilfred Jackson.

It’s a tough football game between Mickey’s Manglers and the Alley Cats, but Mickey manages to scramble across the field to score a touchdown with three minutes left in play. Mickey’s team is down by one touchdown, and the crowd is going wild for the action. Goofy is the radio announcer, though a bit unintelligible. The game stars up again, and the Alley Cats take the ball close to the goal posts, though it is so revealed that they are not above cheating. Luckily, one of Mickey’s players gets the ball and passes it off to Mickey, who manages to score again, thanks to the help of an unwitting Pluto. When the Manglers kick-off, Mickey stays attached to the ball, and makes a break for the goal. He ends up with his head stuck in a cleat, and runs the wrong way, but is quickly directed back the correct way. Though he manages to get far downt he field with help from his teammate, he soon loses the ball again, and nearly gets knocked out. The last few seconds are intense, but the Manglers are able to pull off a strong finish, with Mickey taking the ball from the hands of the Alley Cats after a series of mishaps, and take it in for the final touchdown. Mickey is hailed as a hero, and gives Minnie a kiss as he is carried on the crowd’s shoulders.


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