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October 8

October 8, 2010 – The Cars Toon Heavy Metal Mater Premieres on Television


“Nah, I don’t want to steal the show.”

On October 8, 2010, the seventh Cars Toon Heavy Metal Mater premiered on the Disney Channel. The short was written by John Lasseter, Rob Gibbs, Matthew Luhn, Scott Morse, Kevin O’Brien, and Derek Thompson, and was directed by Lasseter and Gibbs.

The video begins with karaoke night at Flo’s, and Mater proceeds to tell Lightning McQueen about his time as a famous rock star. He started out in a band called Mater and the Gas-Caps, which began in a garage. They get their first gig at a truck stop, and when the waitresses fawn over them and ask if they have a record, they quickly rush to the studio to record one. The drummer swats at a fly during the session, hitting random drums and percussion instruments, and the band plays along, with the band soon becoming a heavy metal band called Heavy Metal Mater. Mater then changes the story to include McQueen, though McQueen isn’t convinced that it happened.


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