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October 7

October 7, 1918 – Film Editor and Disney Legend Norman “Stormy” Palmer is Born

Norman Palmer

“Stormy was one of the key players in creating the classic Disney True-Life Adventures series, and he was a true pioneer in the field of nature documentaries.”- Producer and Creative Director Dave Bossert

On October 7, 1918, Norman Palmer was born in Santa Ana, California. After graduating from Hollywood High School in 1937, he applied to the Walt Disney Studios, joining as a projectionist in 1938. Soon after he arrived, Palmer was transferred to the editorial department. His early career was cut short by the onset of World War II, when he joined the Field Photographic Branch of the Office of Strategic Services in Washington D.C., editing films. He was soon sent overseas, taking aerial photos over Europe. After the war, Palmer came back to Disney, where he continued editing films, including Melody Time and Make Mine Music. When the studio stared working on the True-Life Adventure series, Palmer was brought in to edit the films, including Academy Award winning The Living Desert and White Wilderness. It was Palmer’s special skill with editing and attention to detail that brought attention to these nature documentaries. Palmer also brought his editing skills to several Disney television series. After 45 years with the company, Palmer retired in 1983. He was inducted as a Disney Legend in 1998. Palmer passed away in 2013 at the age of 94.


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