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September 22

September 22, 1950 – The Pluto Short Film Camp Dog Premieres in Theaters



On September 22, 1950, the Pluto short film Camp Dog premiered in theaters. This is the fourth and final film that features the coyote Bent-Tail as Pluto’s nemesis, and the third with Bent-Tail’s son Junior. The short was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Milt Schaffer and Dick Kinney.

Bent-Tail and Junior are howling at the moon, when Junior smells something delicious. The pair run down from their perch to find a camper having set up his tent, as well as hanging his food up a tree. As they try to bring the food down, Pluto manages to chase Bent-Tail away, though he misses Junior. Bent-Tail continues to get the food, while Junior sets his sights on eating Pluto. Bent-Tail, however, puts Pluto back in his tent before successfully grabbing the food, though his holding on to the rope sends him up the tall tree branch. After a series of mishaps, the two gather all of the food to make their way out, with Junior once again grabbing Pluto. After putting Pluto back, the two set off, but stop when Bent-Tail accidentally steps in a fire. Pluto wakes up after he is pulled out for a third time, but they manage to fool him before escaping. Pluto finally realizes the ruse, but finds himself trapped in the tent. After he rushes out, he finds himself falling over a cliff into the river below. As Bent-Tail and Junior sit down to eat, they are interrupted by Pluto, who decides to help himself to the meal. Hearing his owner come back from fishing, and seeing the campsite in a shambles, Pluto runs away to join the coyotes in their howling.

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