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September 18

September 18, 1993 – The Animated Television Series Marsupilami Premieres on CBS


“Marsupilami comin’ flyin’ tree to tree, he’s so co-conutty we all go bananas singin’ ‘Houba!’”

On September 18, 1993, the animated series Marsupilami premiered on CBS. The series was based on the 1950s Belgian comic, the series was first shown in the Raw Toonage CBS show in 1992 before moving to its own series the following year. Each episode featured one of three segments: Marsupilami, and either Sebastian the Crab, or Shnookums and Meat. It lasted for one season with 13 episodes. The series starred Steve Mackall as Marsupilami, Dan Castellaneta as Stuie, Steve Landesberg as Eduardo, and Jim Cummings as Maurice and Norman. Disney was sued in 1999 by Marsu Productions for breach of contract and for failing to adequately promote the character as agreed upon.


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