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August 28

August 28, 1929 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Mickey’s Follies is Released to Theaters


“With the cows and the chickens they all sound like the Dickens when I hear my little Minnie, ‘Yoo hoo!’”

On August 28, 1929, the Mickey Mouse short film Mickey’s Follies was released to theaters. It was the first short directed by Wilfred Jackson, and also features the Mickey Mouse theme song, “Minnie’s Yoo Hoo.”

The party starts with a lively rendition of “Minnie’s Yoo Hoo,” and then leads into a group of ducks dancing merrily to “Swanee River.” The barnyard cheers wildly before the next dance, which is a rooster and a hen performing an Apache dance, with the chicken rushing off to lay an egg mid-performance. The rooster crows with pride, and everyone once again cheers. The next performance is a pig performing opera, whose bloomers keep falling down as they sing, but this performance is met with booing from the crowd. The pig is then carried away with a hook, and it is announced that Mickey will perform his theme song. His singing and dancing is then met with much adulation.

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