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August 8

August 8, 1907 – Publisher and Disney Legend Angel Angelopoulos is Born

angel angelopoulos

“There were no strong copyright rules in Greece, at the time, like there were in France or England. Angel fought very hard to protect Disney and its characters.” – Fellow Disney Legend Armand Bigle

On August 8, 1907, Alkaios “Angel” Angelopoulos was born in Patra, Greece. After studying law and political science Athens University, he moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to practice law, and wound up becoming a reporter for the International News Services (INS), reporting on major events such as the Italo-Ethopian War and the Spanish Civil War. He continued to report for the INS during World War II, where he served in the Greek Resistance forces against the Germans. In 1950, Angelopoulos switched gears, this time working as a representative of intellectual properties, creating the company Educational Materials Enterprises S.A. Disney became one his many clients in 1953, with which he worked with much enthusiasm. He created the first Greek Disney magazine, entitled Mickey Mouse Weekly, and worked to manufacture Greek Disney merchandise. His zeal did not go unnoticed, and he was then asked to head up other developing markets, including those in Yugoslavia and Egypt. Angelopoulos was also instrumental in fighting the sale of pirated Disney merchandise in Greece, allowing Disney licensees to thrive. Known for his love of learning, he assisted Roy O. Disney in completing Walt’s dream of building the California Institute of the Arts, which was finally founded in 1970. Angelopoulos continued to work with intellectual properties into his 80s, and passed away in 1990 at the age of 82. He was honored as a Disney Legend in 1997.


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