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July 29

July 29, 1938 – The Donald and Goofy Short Film The Fox Hunt is Released to Theaters


“Come on out, you big palooka, or I’ll come in after you! What kind of a fox hunt do you think this is?”

On July 29, 1938, the Donald Duck and Goofy short film The Fox Hunt premiered in theaters. It was directed by Ben Sharpsteen, and was the second short in the series starring both characters. The short also features cameos by Mickey, Minnie, Horace Horsecollar, and Clara Cluck.

Early in the morning, the riders head off on their fox hunt, with Donald holding the leashes of the bloodhounds and struggling with keeping them in line. Meanwhile, Goofy is gaily riding his horse until he runs into a tree, finding the fox hiding inside. He alerts Donald, and the chase is on, with the bloodhounds dragging Donald with them helplessly. Donald is thrown from their leashes when he is rammed into a tree, and is trampled by the rest of the riders. Goofy has his own problems when it is revealed that his horse is afraid to jump. Goofy decides to teach his horse how to jump, and is successful, with the horse landing on Goofy’s head. The two start splashing around in the pond on the other side of the hedge. Donald decides to chase after the fox on foot, and corners him into a hole. The fox manages to sneak away and bring Donald into a teasing game of hide and seek. Donald places a large boulder over one of the holes in the ground and blows his trumpet into the other one, thinking it will blow the fox out, but manages to send the boulder flying into the air and landing on Donald’s head. After using a rather ginormous puff of air, Donald is able to push the fox out from underground, and grabs it by the tail. The fox pulls Donald into a log, and Donald announces that he has caught the fox – only to find that in the scuffle, he has a skunk instead. Donald flees as fast as his legs will carry him before he gets sprayed by the miffed skunk.

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