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July 9

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July 9, 1948 – The Pluto Short Film Pluto’s Purchase is Released to Theaters


“Now, here’s the money, and hurry home!”

On July 9, 1948, the Pluto short film Pluto’s Purchase was released to theaters. It was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Eric Gurney and Bill de la Torre.

Pluto is snoring in the living room, when Mickey calls out for him. Mickey has a job for Pluto: to go to the butcher shop. Pluto excitedly sets off on his task, passing by enemy Butch on the way. When Butch sees where Pluto is going, he follows him, and makes sure that Pluto purchases the biggest sausage. He then slinks back to his fence, where he waits to trip Pluto up and steal the sausage. Unfortunately, Pluto just walks over Butch’s paw. He continues to try and snatch the sausage from Pluto, but Pluto unknowingly outwits him. Butch then attempts to use fleas to distract Pluto from his task, and Butch replaces the sausage with an iron block. Pluto finally spots Butch with the sausage, and attempts to take it back. A battle of strength and wits begins between the two, but Pluto manages to grab the sausage and make a break for it and trap Butch in the sewer. Butch manages to make his way out and chases Pluto across town, ending back at Mickey’s house. Mickey then tells Pluto that it’s a birthday present for a friend of his, which to Pluto means his sweetheart, Dinah. Unfortunately for Pluto, the “friend” Mickey means is Butch, who heads home with the sausage happily while Pluto sulks.


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