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June 30

June 30, 1950 – The Goofy Short Film Motor Mania is Released to Theaters


“Truly, the average man is a creature of strange and unorthodox habits.”

On June 30, 1950, the Goofy short film Motor Mania was released to theaters. Since its release, it has become a favorite of many a driver’s education course. The short was directed by Jack Kinney, with story by Dick Kinney and Milt Schaffer.

The short begins with a look of the average man, namely the specific average man named Mr. Walker. Walker is considered a kind, considerate man, until he gets behind the wheel of his automobile, where he becomes Mr. Wheeler instead. This Jekyll and Hyde story shows how an average man becomes a monster while driving on the highway. Wheeler holds up traffic while enjoying the sunshine, and throws a tantrum when he sits at the signal. He then competes in a road race, but ends up crashing his car into a stoplight. Wheeler continues to be a public menace, with more misfortune befalling him. When Wheeler turns back into Walker and becomes a pedestrian, he finds that many people treat him with disdain and send him flying back onto the sidewalk. Walker reads a newspaper that declares that accidents are multiplying, and once he is back in his car, he becomes Mr. Wheeler again, although he damages his car severely, needing a tow.

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