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June 13

June 13, 1990 – The Television Special Dick Tracy: Behind the Badge…Behind the Scenes Airs


“Dick Tracy on one hand is about good versus evil, and on the other hand it’s a story about people wanting to form a family.”

On June 13, 1990, the television special Dick Tracy: Behind the Badge…Behind the Scenes aired. The special took viewers behind the scenes of the comic turned film, with a look at how Warren Beatty acted as both lead actor, producer, and director, how actors like Al Pacino were transformed from actors to comical mobsters, and how Madonna was able to become character Breathless Mahoney. Beginning from its origins as Chester Gould’s comic, this featurette explores the work it took to turn this to a big screen action film, from the art of make-up magic to the explosive experts for the elaborate scenes. The featurette was written by Rick Sublett, and directed by Gayle Hollenbaugh.


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