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May 16, 2008 – The Reality Series Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream Premieres on Disney Channel


“The Jonas Brothers are about to hit the road for a sold-out tour, but before we take off, we have a monster to-do list.”

On May 16, 2008, the reality television series Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream premiered on the Disney Channel. The series took a behind-the-scenes look of the popular band The Jonas Brothers, and how they cope with being famous. The episodes were four to six minute vignettes about the boys’ lives. The show had two seasons, with a total of 27 episodes released.

The first episode, “To-Do List,” focuses on brother Nick, who notes that the band has quite a bit to do before they can head out on tour. The first task is a photo shoot for their new Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock alongside Demi Lovato. Afterwards, they have to meet their stylist for the tour, with Nick admitting that he’s nervous, but excited about their first headlining show. This is followed by shopping for a new pair of sneakers. They only have two hours to pack before heading out on tour, and quickly rush to get everything together. Unfortunately, right before they go, they have to help their parents move things around the house. Nick notes that they’re just like regular kids in terms of having to listen to their parents and do their chores. Right before they go, Nick has to watch his little brother, as he seems to have problems packing. Finally, they get ready to go on tour, and set off in their plane.


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