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April 29

April 29, 1949 – The Pluto Short Film Pluto’s Sweater Premieres in Theaters


“You can go outdoors now, and your sweater will keep you so warm and comfy!”

On April 29, 1949, the Pluto short film Pluto’s Sweater was released to theaters. This is one of the few shorts that features both Figaro and Butch with Pluto. It was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Eric Gurney and Milt Schaffer.

Pluto and Figaro are quizzically studying Minnie’s new knitting project, which Pluto thinks is a long john for Minnie. However, Figaro corrects him: the sweater is for him. Minnie forces Pluto to wear the sweater, which he finds incredibly itchy. Although Pluto doesn’t want to be seen in the pink monstrosity, Minnie insists that he go outside, and throws him out the doggie door. As he stands outside, Butch and his gang come across him, and laugh hysterically. Pluto tries to hide, but the pink makes him stand out. The sleeves on the sweater are also too big, and Pluto finds himself completely tied up at one point. Pluto tries to free himself and ends up in a pond; when he gets out, the sweater shrinks at an alarming rate, and Pluto heads home with the sweater around his head. When he arrives, Minnie is distraught and begins to cry, and Pluto feels guilty about upsetting her – until he realizes that the sweater is the perfect size for Figaro, who puts up a fight when Minnie places it on him.


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