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April 7

April 7, 1950 – The Pluto Short Film Wonder Dog Premieres in Theaters


On April 7, 1950, the Pluto short film Wonder Dog premiered in theaters. It was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Bill Peed and Nick Banta. The short features Pluto’s on-again off-again girlfriend Dinah, and his nemesis Butch; the short also features circus music used in the feature film Dumbo.

Pluto is in his doghouse, dreaming of Dinah, when Dinah happens to pass by, ignoring him. Pluto tries to get her attention, but she is more interested in Prince, the Wonder Dog of the circus. Pluto slinks away, saddened by this, but gets an idea: if he were like Prince, then he would have Dinah’s affection. He then goes into a daydream of being Pluto the Wonder Dog, unaware that he is acting it out in reality, with his stunts waking up Butch. Butch laughs as Pluto continues to practice simple circus tricks, but stops laughing when he notices Pluto mocking him. When Butch chases after Pluto, Pluto is able to perform the stunts out of desperation to get way from Butch. Dinah is able to see Pluto performing, and is duly impressed. In the end, Pluto gets the affection he has so longed for from Dinah.



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