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February 18

February 18, 1939 – The Commercial Short Film Mickey’s Surprise Party is Delivered to Nabisco


“My mother used to burn them all the time!”

On February 18, 1939, the short film Mickey’s Surprise Party was delivered to Nabisco. It was created as a commercial for the biscuit company to be shown at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. It stars Minnie Mouse and her dog Fifi, with Mickey making an appearance near the end.

Minnie is busy in the kitchen making cookies for Mickey, but when she puts down the bowl to grab an ingredient, a fly buzzes around the bowl. As Fifi tries to drive the fly away, she accidentally knocks over a box of popcorn, sending the contents into the mixing bowl. She hides as Minnie returns to finish making the cookies. Mickey arrives soon after, and Minnie quickly primps to receive her beau. Mickey gives her a bouquet of flowers, while Pluto gives Fifi a bone. When Mickey asks for his surprise, smoke starts to pour out of the oven; when Mickey notes that something is burning, Minnie races towards the kitchen, alarmed. She quickly pulls out the burnt cookies, which then promptly explode one by one, thanks to the popcorn in the batter. Minnie then sobs over her failed attempt to make cookies like Mickey’s mother made, but Mickey reassures her that his mother used to burn cookies all the time. He decides to solve the situation by running to the store and bringing back a slew of Nabisco products, including Ritz Crackers and Oreos, and Mickey’s favorite, Fig Newtons. Minnie is so thrilled with Mickey, she kisses him.


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