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January 11

January 11, 1942 – The Wartime Donald Duck Short Film Donald’s Decision is Delivered


“Enlist in our army of regular war savers today!”

On January 11, 1942, the Donald Duck and educational wartime short film Donald’s Decision was delivered to the National Film Board of Canada. The short reuses animation from two previous Donald shorts: 1938’s Donald’s Better Self, and 1938’s Self Control.

Donald is listening to a radio program urging him to buy war savings certificates, and Donald readily agrees – to do it tomorrow. Donald’s angelic side appears and demands that Donald do it now, as there is no time to waste, and Donald reluctantly follows him. The flag on his mailbox swings around to symbolize the Nazi swastika, announcing the arrival of his devilish side, who tries to convince Donald that the money would be better spent on himself, which would help the Axis powers. Donald is soon caught in a tug of war between the angelic and devilish side. The devilish side traps the angelic side and throws him in the nearby lake, but the angelic side fires back, defeating the devilish side. Donald finally agrees to take his money to the post office to buy war bonds. This is then followed by an animated plea to the citizens of Canada to buy war savings certificates.


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