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October 23

October 23, 1930 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film The Picnic Premieres in Theaters


“Sure, you can bring your Little Rover.”

On October 23, 1930, the Mickey Mouse short film The Picnic premiered in theaters. It features a dog that looks like Pluto, playing the part of Little Rover; Pluto would not become Pluto until the 1931 short film The Moose Hunt. The Picnic was directed by Burt Gillett.

Mickey is driving to Minnie’s whistling “Minnie’s Yoo Hoo” as he goes. Minnie calls out to him when he arrives, and calls out for her dog “Little Rover,” who is a rather large dog and jumps on Mickey upon seeing him. Mickey ties him to the back of the car, and they all head off to their picnic. Little Rover decides he’d rather chase after some rabbits and pulls the car with him as he pursues them. As he runs off, Mickey and Minnie decide to set up their picnic near a creek, and Mickey starts up the Victrola before asking Minnie to dance to “In the Good Ol’ Summertime.” Many animals also decide to dance to the music while stealing the picnic food, with Mickey and Minnie unaware as they continue to dance. Little Rover continues to search for the rabbits, and before they all know it, a large storm arrives. Mickey packs up what little remains of the picnic and heads to the car, driving as best he can in the rain. He has Little Rover act as a windshield wiper while he continues to drive,


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