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October 24

October 24, 1929 – The Silly Symphony Springtime is Released to Theaters


On October 24, 1929, the Silly Symphony Springtime was released to theaters. It was the first in a series of Silly Symphonies about the seasons, followed by Summer (January 16, 1930), Autumn (February 15, 1930), and Winter (October 30, 1930). Springtime was directed by Walt Disney.

The flowers, trees, and bugs are all dancing around, enjoying the fair spring weather. A crow comes along and eats a dancing caterpillar, dancing away itself back to its nest, where his sweetheart is waiting. Her babies hatch and start dancing around the nest. Suddenly, a large storm develops, and one tree is seen taking a bath in the rain when he is struck by lightning. The storm quickly passes, and two grasshoppers are seen playing leapfrog when they are eaten by a frog. The frog jumps from lily pad to lily pad, with another frog playing a tune on the backs of turtles. A spider jumps down from his web and dances on a nearby log before using his web as a harp. Three frogs begin dancing on a log, croaking with the music, when a nearby crane spies them and stalks its way over. It attempts to eat the frogs, when they jump inside each other like nesting dolls and flee, but the crane eats them all and jumps away happily, although he falls into a large puddle, splashing water onto the screen.


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