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October 10

October 10, 1936 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Mickey’s Elephant is Released to Theaters


“There goes his house! And there goes yours!”

On October 10, 1936, the Mickey Mouse short film Mickey’s Elephant was released to theaters. Although labeled a Mickey Mouse short, it primarily features Pluto as he interacts with the elephant. It was directed by Dave Hand.

Mickey receives from the Rajah of Ghaboon the present of a playmate for Pluto: an elephant named Bobo. Mickey sets to work creating a lovely new house for Bobo, and gives Bobo a ball to play with while he waits for Mickey to paint. Bobo has a lot of fun with the ball, especially when he hits it out of the yard through a hole in the fence, and sucks it back in with his trunk. Meanwhile, Pluto passes by the fence, and stops when he sees the ball roll out. He is surprised when the ball seems to roll right back on its own accord. The ball continues to go in and out of the fence, starling the poor dog, until he spies Bobo’s trunk coming out of the hole. Bobo accidentally sucks up Pluto’s face, and then grabs him by the tail, pulling him into the yard. Pluto is surprised, and immediately growls at the elephant. Bobo is amused by Pluto, and decides to follow him around the yard. Pluto is spooked by Bobo, and runs howling into his doghouse. The little devil Pluto makes an appearance, telling the scared dog that Bobo’s going to be Pluto’s replacement, pointing out the new house Mickey is making for Bobo versus the dilapidated shack Pluto lives in. Spurred by jealousy, Pluto decides to attack Bobo – except that he’s terrified. The devil gives Pluto the idea to take some red pepper and blow it in Bobo’s face, causing the poor elephant to sneeze wildly. Bobo ends up sneezing Mickey’s tools towards him, nearly decapitating him with an axe. Mickey tries to stop Bobo from sneezing by tying a knot in his nose, but Bobo continues to sneeze. One extraordinary sneeze breaks apart Bobo’s new house, and another one destroys Pluto. Angered, Pluto gets rid of his devil, and glares into the camera.

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