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September 9

September 9, 1938 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Mickey’s Parrot is Released to Theaters


“Oh boy, pretty swell joint!”

On September 9, 1938, the Mickey Mouse short film Mickey’s Parrot was released to theaters. It was directed by Bill Roberts.

A furious storm is brewing outside, and a moving truck passes by Mickey’s house, accidentally dropping a parrot and his cage from the back when it passes over a pothole. The parrot decides to take shelter at Mickey’s, where inside, Mickey and Pluto are listening to a lovely little story on the radio. The story is interrupted with an urgent news flash: Machine Gun Butch has escaped from prison, and is armed and dangerous. Mickey quickly prepares for the possible intrusion, and grabs his shotgun at the same time that the parrot enters the house, and is sent flying into the non-working boiler. The gun goes off, and Mickey and Pluto head for the bed, where they break it in their haste to hide. Mickey decides to creep into the basement to catch the killer, with Pluto following closely behind him.

Mickey accidentally gets his gun caught on a pair of shoes, which follow him down the stairs

Mickey accidentally gets his gun caught on a pair of shoes, which follow him down the stairs

The two separate without knowing, and Mickey heads into the basement. A pair of shoes gets caught on the butt of his shotgun, giving the illusion that someone is walking right behind him. Mickey sees the shoes behind him, and thinking the killer is there, jumps into the boiler, shaking. The parrot leaves through a vent and explores the house, trapping himself within a cabinet. He talks to himself as he tries to open a can of fish food, startling Pluto, who thinks the fish is insulting him. Pluto attacks the fish, knocking over the cabinet and freeing the parrot, who flies into the kitchen and gets stuck inside a turkey. Pluto is about to eat the turkey, when it starts talking to him. Not one to lose to food, Pluto attempts to fight back, but is soon scared by the talking and walking turkey. Finally, the parrot’s identity is revealed, and Pluto and the parrot have a fair fight in the kitchen which ends with Pluto getting stuck in the piano. Mickey hears the commotion upstairs, and is surprised to find Pluto, and when the parrot accidentally pops some popcorn back in the kitchen, Mickey and Pluto take cover in the fireplace, and Mickey shoots at the “killer” in the kitchen. Mickey soon finds that the menace is really just a parrot, and Mickey offers the parrot some crackers, which he soon takes and places in Pluto’s mouth before the dog can bite him.


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