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July 13

July 13, 1935 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Mickey’s Garden Premieres in Theaters


“Hey, Pluto! Cut it out! Hey, it tickles!”

On July 13, 1935, the Mickey Mouse short film Mickey’s Garden was released to theaters. It was directed by Wilfred Jackson.

Pluto and Mickey are stalking through Mickey’s garden, and Mickey quickly uses insecticide on the multitude of bugs that have been eating his crops. He quickly runs out and rushes to get some more; once he does, the bugs run back to his crops and resume eating. Mickey quickly runs back to his task of killing the pests; while he tries to fix his sprayer, Pluto hunts after another bug, and lands head first into a pumpkin while doing so. Pluto runs about blindly, unable to shake the pumpkin off, and lands on the end of the sprayer, spraying Mickey with the insecticide. Mickey falls down is in a daze from the poison. When he comes to, he discovers that his house has been overtaken by the garden, which has grown to an enormous size. The bugs, also enormous, have been drinking the bug poison, which makes them drunk. The bugs discover Mickey and Pluto, and hunt after them, ready to spray them with insecticide. Mickey and Pluto scramble up a lily for safety, only to find an angry bee there to fight them. Pluto is attacked by a caterpillar, who throws him into the mouth of a drunk firefly. Mickey lands in a tomato and has to battle with a worm that lived there. As Mickey strangles to worm, he comes out of his daze to find that this has all been a nightmare caused by the poison. Pluto manages to finally free himself from the pumpkin, which crashes into Mickey. The short ends with Pluto licking Mickey while Mickey is trapped in the pumpkin.

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