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June 30

June 30, 1945 – The Educational Short Film Cleanliness Brings Health is Delivered


“This is the story of two families: one of them happy, one of them sad; one of them clean, the other, careless.”

On June 30, 1945, the educational short film Cleanliness Brings Health was delivered to the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs.

The short introduces two families: one clean, happy, and healthy, the other careless, sick, and unhappy. The audience sees how the Clean family lives, and how they make sure everything is kept clean, including their dishes, food, and livestock. The father works in the corn field with his son, and all three members of the family are happy. The Careless family is seen doing several things that cause them to be constantly ill, including cooking on the floor and letting their livestock roam free. The son is seen on the ground with stomach cramps, and he goes into the corn field to relieve himself, although this causes his illness to spread through the crops and the dirt. The Clean family also has a problem with stomach cramps, but they create a simple latrine rather than use the old custom of going into the corn fields. The Clean family also washes themselves and their clothes to continue their health. Finally, the narrator reminds the audience that “cleanliness brings health and happiness.”

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