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April 28

April 28, 1950 – The Donald Duck Short Film Trailer Horn is Released to Theaters


“Ah ha! Wake me up, will ya?”

On April 28, 1950, the Donald Duck short film Trailer Horn was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Roy Williams.

Dawn is rising over the forest, and Chip and Dale are sound asleep in their tree, until the sunshine wakes up Chip. Chip runs around outside, skipping at leaping about, when he sees some strange footprints outside. He calls out for Dale, who doesn’t believe that Chip has found some large footprints. They follow the prints to a trailer, and see Donald sound asleep in his bed. Chip then hears a strange noise, and sees Dale jumping up on the car’s horn like it’s a trampoline. The honking wakes Donald, and he grabs Dale. Chip saves Dale by biting Donald’s foot, and an angry Donald goes back into his trailer. The chipmunks laugh at the incident, and soon see Donald leaving the trailer in a bathing suit.

Donald corners the chipmunks after they start toying with him and the diving board

Donald corners the chipmunks after they start toying with him and the diving board

Donald sets up a diving board, and attempts to dive into the nearby lake, when the chipmunks push the diving board forward. Donald lands face-first onto the board, and looks around, confused. He attempts to jump again, when the chipmunks push the board around so that Donald will dive right into his trailer than the lake. After wrecking his trailer, Donald steps out to see the chipmunks laughing, and catches them. He shoves them into his car’s horn and honks it a few times, then throws them into a pie and throws the pie at a tree. Donald laughs and returns to his trailer. Chip, wanting revenge, decides to throw a pine cone into Donald’s cup of coffee, then uses more pine cones to destroy Donald’s breakfast. Donald then uses his car to try and knock them out of the pine tree. He corners them with driving the car onto the tree, but when the chipmunks step off, the tree gives Donald and his car the slingshot effect, sending them flying into a nearby ledge. Donald walks away in a daze, thinking he’s still driving.


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