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April 17

April 17, 1937 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Mickey’s Amateurs is Released to Theaters


“It busted!”

On April 17, 1937, the Mickey Mouse short film Mickey’s Amateurs was released to theaters. The film had several directors, as Walt wanted to bring in some new talents; it was directed by storymen Pinto Colvig, Walt Pfeiffer, and Ed Penner.

The short opens with Pete singing loudly (and rather badly) into a microphone before being yanked off the stage. Mickey, as the emcee, thanks Pete, and gets set to announce the next guest when Donald steps on the stage and offers Mickey an apple. Donald then starts reciting the poem “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” but Mickey soon pushes him near the microphone. As Donald starts reciting the poem, he forgets the words, making the audience laugh. When he tries again, and forgets once more, Mickey bangs the gong, and Donald is dragged off stage. As Mickey gets ready to announce the next guest, Donald runs back on stage and takes back his apple.

The Two Claras walk daintily on to the stage when announced by Mickey

The Two Claras walk daintily on to the stage when announced by Mickey

Mickey then announces the next act of The Two Claras: Cluck and Belle. Clarabelle Cow sits at the piano while Clara Cluck readies herself at the microphone. Clara waits for her rather long intro to end, and start clucking operatically into the mic. The mic starts moving around thanks to Clara’s clucking, and she does her best to follow it. They finish their piece, and are met with applause. Mickey then moves to the next guest, when a mysterious portly figure enters holding a violin case. The mysterious person removes his disguise, revealing Donald Duck, who pulls a gun from his violin case, and tries to recite the poem again while pointing the gun at the audience. When he, once again, forgets the words, the audience laughs, and Donald sets off the gun, with bullets flying everywhere, until he is thrown into the violin case and pulled off stage. After this, Mickey announces Grandmaster Goofy, who has brought a motorized one-man-band. He plays a sentimental sort of piece, but when he tries to play something more upbeat, the machine starts going out of control before breaking apart. Goofy laughs sheepishly as he sits among the ruins of his contraption, when Donald bursts out of his hat and recites his entire poem at a breakneck speed.


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