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March 24

March 24, 1934 – The Silly Symphony Funny Little Bunnies is Released to Theaters


“The storybooks say that far, far away, there’s a green, enchanted dell where the rainbow ends, and everything is gay, and the Easter bunnies dwell.”

On March 24, 1934, the Silly Symphony short film Funny Little Bunnies was released to theaters. This was the only Disney short film that celebrated Easter, and the first film Nine Old Men animator Wolfgang Reitherman animated. It was directed by Wilfred Jackson.

The short begins in a dell, where the rainbow ends. Two rabbits pull aside a curtain of leaves to bring the audience to the world of the “funny little bunnies,” who are gearing up for the Easter season. A first group is seen with sugar, spices, and chocolate, bringing the supplies to a giant pot where the chocolate is melted down and mixed. The chocolate is then placed in egg molds, and once hardened, are taken to be decorated by a “firing squad” holding icing tubes. Several bunnies are also seen carving chocolate bunnies from giant blocks of chocolate. A group blue ribbon of hens are in a choir, laying eggs as they sing. The eggs are placed in a pot to be hardboiled, and are checked by another rabbit with a hammer to see if they are done. Four bunnies whistle a happy tune while painting the inspected eggs, while one bunny is content to create whimsical designs. The rainbow provides the bunnies with their paint, and they are seen happily collecting the colors. Two blind rabbits are seen weaving Easter baskets (although it is soon revealed that they aren’t really blind), and the baskets are then sent to be filled with Easter treats and decorated with ribbons. The bunnies end with skipping off with their creations to deliver them to the children.


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