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September 25

September 25, 1931 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Fishin’ Around is Released to Theaters


“I’m fishing! Ha ha ha ha!”

On September 25, 1931, the Mickey Mouse short film Fishin’ Around was released to theaters. It was directed by Burt Gillett.

Mickey and Pluto are out on a lake, with several fish jumping about and dancing on the boat’s oars. They run across a sign that says “No Fishing,” but Mickey weighs the sign down with horseshoes and sends it to the bottom of the lake, and the two enjoy their fishing expedition. One fish steals the worm from Mickey’s line and taunts him, and Mickey ends up hooking himself, sending his shorts flying into the lake. Two other fish trick Pluto by attaching an old corset to his line. Angered, Pluto dives into the water to catch a fish, except that the fish is easily able to slip from Pluto’s grasp.

Mickey chases the fish from his boat, but they have already eaten most of his bait

Mickey chases the fish from his boat, but they have already eaten all of his bait

A group of fish sneak onto the boat and eat all of Mickey’s bait, dancing all the while. Mickey finally scares them all away, but they manage to steal all of the bait before they jump from the boat. Pluto, meanwhile, is underwater still searching for fish, and chases one into a cave, only to be chased out by a monster fish with large teeth. He escapes back tot he boat, and the pair tries once again to catch a fish. The fish hook Pluto’s and Mickey’s hooks together, and Mickey ends up hooking Pluto, who is able to catch a fish, but the fish quickly escapes. Finally, a policeman finds the pair, and is about to arrest them, when Mickey paddles away as fast as he can, tripping the policeman up. The chase continues across the water, but Pluto uses his tail to create a makeshift speedboat, and the two are able to evade the police.


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