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September 1

September 1, 1934 – The Silly Symphony Peculiar Penguins is Released to Theaters


“There’s a place called Penguin Island in the cold Antarctic Sea, where there’s 50 million penguins in a penguin colony.”

On September 1, 1934, the Silly Symphony Peculiar Penguins was released to theaters. It was directed by Wilfred Jackson.

Set on a penguin island in the middle of the Antarctic Sea, two penguins named Peter and Polly are seen getting ready for a date. Peter prepares a snow cone for Polly, which she accepts happily, giving him an Eskimo kiss for his trouble. This affection has causes Peter to turn cartwheels. After he does so, he spots fish in a nearby hole in the ice, and dives in to catch one. He eventually does and brings it back to Polly, who swallows it down happily, although they eventually find that she has eaten a puffer fish, which starts puffing up inside her. Finally, the fish escapes Polly and jumps back into the pond, but Polly reacts badly to this, slapping Peter and walking away before diving in the water and swimming away.


Peter tearfully watches as Polly angrily swims away after the puffer fish incident

Peter watches tearfully as Polly swims away, and is soon alarmed to see a shark following her. He calls out after her, but she will have none of it, and continues to swim away. The shark gains on her and attempts to devour her, but Polly swims away, although the shark continues to follow her. Peter dives into the water to rescue her, and beats him in the nose with a club just as the shark has Polly in his clutches. The shark then follows Peter through the water, hoping to have the penguin for a snack, but Peter uses the club to keep the shark’s mouth from chomping down. As Peter dives out of the water, he pulls on a root that releases a large boulder. The boulder is accidentally swallowed by the shark, and he sinks to the bottom of the ocean, unable to swallow anyone ever again. The short ends with Peter and Polly happily reunited, holding each other close as the sky shines with a rainbow.

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