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August 22

August 22, 1936 – The Silly Symphony Toby Tortoise Returns is Released to Theaters


“How ya doin’, Toby-Woby? I like a man that takes his time.”

On August 22, 1936, the Silly Symphony Toby Tortoise Returns was released to theaters. It is the sequel to the 1935 Silly Symphony The Tortoise and the Hare, and includes characters from other Silly Symphonies, including Practical Pig from Three Little Pigs and Jenny Wren from Who Killed Cock Robin? The short was directed by Wilfred Jackson.

The stadium is packed to see the fight between champion Max Hare and challenger Toby Tortoise. Jenny Wren sits in the front row of the fight, greeting the boys as they say hello. The fight begins, and Toby is naturally too slow to keep up with Max. Max teases Toby before making a mockery of the poor tortoise. As Toby approaches Max from behind, Max makes quick work of Toby before sending him flying out of the ring, straight into Jenny’s arms. Inspired by Jenny’s flirtation, Toby flies back into the ring and attempts to attack Max, but misses and knocks himself into a stupor, where he dreams he’s a sultan, surrounded by dancing Jenny Wrens. As the ref is about to call the match for Max, the bell rings, signaling the end of the round.

Max Hare lounges in the corner as he waits for the next round to begin

Max Hare lounges in the corner as he waits for the next round to begin

Max sits in the corner, lounging as he waits for the next round, and calls the ambulance over for Toby before turning into a punching whirlwind. As Max attacks, Toby is protected by his shell, and starts teasing Max. Max gets annoyed by Toby’s teasing, and reaches into the shell to attack him, but gets his hand caught in a mousetrap instead. The tables have turned, with Toby making a fool of Max. Max then places several fireworks into Toby’s shell and lights them up; as he is about to give Toby a knockout punch, Toby is sent skyward in a shower of sparkles. As he comes back to the ground, the fireworks send Toby spinning, which also allows Toby to give several key punches to Max’s face. Max tries to outrun Toby, but finds himself being beaten by the turtle no matter where he turns. One final rocket shoots out of Toby’s shell, which catches onto Max’s shirt and sends him flying out into the audience before shooting into the ambulance, which quickly drives away. Toby is declared the winner of the match, and the crowd cheers loudly.


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